The Electric Prunes

 In 1966 amid a flurry of feedback, tremolo and fuzz the Electric Prunes emerged from the confines of their Los Angeles garage onto the world stage. Their hit single, “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)”, widely recognized as one of the first psychedelic hit records, heralded a transition in music and its presentation. Mojo Magazine writes, “Quite simply one of the defining moments of psychedelic pop. Its oscillating guitar effects and pounding bass announced the full possibilities of a new sound in under three minutes.” The follow-up single, “Get Me To The World On Time”, is recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the #20 psychedlelic record of all time. The band’s second album “Underground” is viewed as a “classic psychedelic masterpiece” and a cut from their “Mass in F Minor” concept album was selected for the classic film “Easy Rider”.  One magazine article referred to the Electric Prunes as, “the seminal philosophers of punk rock.”  A recording made for Swedish Public Broadcasting and unearthed 30 years later was released in 1997 by Heartbeat Records as the “Stockholm ‘67” album.  Mojo recently named the band “Essential Cult Heroes”.


In 1968, the Reprise recording artists disbanded.  They have not played together since then.  Not until now.  After coming together in 1997 to work on mixing “Lost Dreams”, an Electric Prunes compilation CD for Birdman Records, founding members and principal song writers James Lowe and Mark Tulin decided it was time to pull the “Strat” out of the closet, dust off the amps and go back to making music.


The result was the limited edition sold out release, “Artifact”, which demonstrated it is never too late to rekindle or rediscover your passion.  The music is still buzzing, whirring and slithering with rawness only 60’s era garage music can produce.  “Artifact”, voted the best new CD of 2001 by Blitz Magazine, was selected as one of top 10 CD’s of 2002 by Music Dish Network.


In 2004, the Electric Prunes completed “California”.  This CD presents the same eclectic and iconoclastic music found on the band’s first two Reprise albums and proves the hope, faith and promise from years before are alive, well, and kicking butt.


Continuing their dedication to growth and creativity, in December of 2006 the band released “Feedback”.   This collection of ten unique and individual songs marks a return to the sounds, imagery and humor that signified their 1960’s material.   With all their landmark sounds – vibrating guitars, intense vocals, pounding drums. driving bass, and soaring solos – “Feedback”, in a long line, was recently voted  one of the top 10 cds of 2007 by Classic Artists Today.


Following a successful appearance at Steven Van Zandt’s “Cavestomp” garage-psychedelic festival in NYC, the band decided to take their message of the reclamation of the heart and soul on the road.  The band performs on an international basis.  Their tours prove people are ready to re-experience (or in many instances experience) the wave of feeling and energy that are synonymous with the 1960’s.  The band’s shows are not an attempt to recreate a musical past or some tired oldies show.  Instead it is the past, in the present form, alive and rocking, playing the music as it can only be performed by those who were there when it all started.


Combining their classic songs with new material, an Electric Prunes live performance brings to the stage the passion, power and commitment that were the foundations of music in the sixties; a sound and feeling missing from much of today’s music.  The visual stimulation of a swirling light show; the olfactory sensation of burning incense; the sensory onslaught of whirring, churning and vibrating music – A true psychedelic experience.


The band invites you to join them in rekindling the fire.   Rediscover your inner passions and desires.  The Electric Prunes are back and making music.  You can do the same.  Take a few steps back then…Come flying.